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All return and supply vent covers are removed for cleaning. We do this for two reasons:

1) Dirt and dust can build up on the inside of the vents and they   need to be removed and thoroughly cleaned.

2) While the vent covers are off, the technician has access to the inside of the ductwork for the cleaning process.


MediClean uses the NADCA source-removal process to ensure the highest level of cleanliness. For a standard residential home, our team uses high-powered trailer-mounted vacuum with an 8-inch hose that is attached to the plenums on your furnace. This allows us to draw all dust and debris outside of your home to our trailer.


Our team will clean both the return side of the system and the supply side of the system using this method. 


We use an air whip attachment that is inserted into the ductwork to loosen the contaminates. The whip makes the dust airborne so that the debris can be moved through the system into the vacuum outside of your home. This method works with flex duct, fiberboard, and metal ductwork.


This whip runs down each line on both the return and supply sides to ensure that the entire system is cleaned.

Mediclean Rig.jpg

Our technicians will inspect your coils and assess the level of contamination. In some cases, the coils may be rinsed with a cleaning solution. Otherwise they will be inspected and cleaned with our air whip technology. We do not pull the coils from the system during cleaning.

The furnace cleaning includes the blower motor housing, return plenum, supply plenum, filter compartment, and the condensate drain pan.


As an addition to our air duct cleaning process, we also offer a sanitizing treatment IF REQUESTED. This treatment is included in the price of your air duct cleaning and is an EPA registered sanitizing solution that will kill mold, mildew and bacteria.


​If you have a clean filter on hand, we are happy to replace it for you. Just let one of our technicians know upon arrival!


All registers and vent covers are reinstalled. Access holes are covered. The technicians tidy up.

The system is turned on and tested for operation


Our air pros will inspect your duct system when they arrive to your home. The inspection will determine the layout of your system, the level of contamination, and the total number of vents in your home.


This will allow our technicians confirm the price which was quoted to you from our webpage and from our scheduling department.

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