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Indoor Air Quality Consulting

There are various reasons that your IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) may be suffering in your home. Mold, fungus, bacteria and viruses all affect the safety and quality of the air you breathe each day.


Call MediClean today to schedule your Indoor Air Quality assessment! 


Indoor Air Quality Testing

MediClean employs highly trained Indoor Air Quality Inspectors

About IAQ Consulting

MediClean uses cutting-edge technology to assess and test your indoor environment for potential contaminants and other hazardous substances. Give us a call today to schedule your custom Indoor Air Quality consultation. 

When to Schedule a Consultation

  • Visible and/or the smell of mold

  • Plumbing or water leaks

  • Health Concerns

  • Indoor Air Quality concerns

  • Moving into a new home

Culturing or growing mold on a plate.
Source: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Viral COVID-19 Inspection

MediClean provides peace of mind knowing that your home or office is free of COVID-19 particles which could be suspended in the air or on surfaces. MediClean is proud to offer viral Covid-19 testing. This provides a weekly viral test for your home or office along with a complete allergen and mold profile which can be completed quarterly. Our process is non-invasive and functions silently without disturbing your environment. Contact MediClean today to learn more!

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