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Look Up - One Way to Assess Your Indoor Air Quality!

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

How often do you look up in your #home or #office? This simple action may help you determine the quality of the air that you're breathing! Performing a visual inspection of your return and supply vent openings can give you important clues to the performance and condition of your #HVAC system.

While this is not the only method to assess your HVAC system, you can assume if your vent covers look like this......

...then it is definitely PAST time to have your system inspected for contaminates! You will also find that your duct lines will look something like this...

It is important to routinely inspect your HVAC system well before your system is in the above conditions! When your system is full of dust, debris and contamination, there are several health and equipment hazards that may pose significant consequences to your home or office:

1) Prolonged amounts of time breathing these contaminates may lead to health issues such as chronic allergies, cough, etc.

2) The debris contaminating the entire system may decrease the life of your system and/or equipment parts.

3) Visible particles of dust, debris and contaminates may begin blowing out of your system into your home or workspace creating a huge mess.

Give MediClean a call today and Choose the Pros to take care of your HVAC cleaning and sealing needs!

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