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MediClean has been serving the Southeast with the highest level of customer service and HVAC cleanliness since 1990. At MediClean, the process we use to clean and seal HVAC systems is guided by the principle that "Our Minimum Standard is Thoroughly Clean." We are NADCA certified and all of our work complies with NADCA standards. Our highly trained staff is vetted through background checks and drug testing to ensure your safety and confidence. Our crew leaders are ASCS (Air Systems Cleaning Specialists) and CVI (Certified Ventilation Inspectors) credentialed by NADCA. We employ highly-trained technicians, and we are capable of handling all sizes of residential and commercial projects - large or small.

Modern Living Room
Modern Building

Air duct cleaning and air duct sealing (Aeroseal) improves the health of your home living environment. It is estimated that ½ of all upper respiratory illnesses are caused by poor indoor air quality. Children are more likely than adults to be affected by poor indoor air. They breathe faster, inhale more air per unit of body weight, and are closer to the ground where concentrations are higher. (Department of consumer affairs) 

For Health

For Cleanliness

Are you noticing increased dust around your home? Are your leaking ducts causing particulate to contaminate your home? Have you and others in your household seemed more prone to respiratory illness? Are you looking to create a more sanitary indoor environment? If so, air duct cleaning and air duct sealing (Aeroseal) is just what you need for your home comfort needs.

For Efficiency

Are your leaking ducts in your home or office costing you thousands per year on your power bill? Check out our patented Aeroseal process! Are you planning a major renovation requiring air duct cleaning in the specifications? Would your business benefit from routine maintenance? Count on MediClean for all of your Indoor Air Quality needs and customer service that you can rely on. 

Our Services

Our Services
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"Our son’s allergy symptoms inside the house disappeared once the ducts were cleaned. The cleaning even eliminated my frequent need to blow my nose even though I don’t suffer from allergies. The crew performing the work was friendly, professional and very conscientious. We would highly recommend MediClean."

-Steve Franz

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